Cannot suspend-to-ram while rt2500pci module loaded

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28-10-2007 10:39:29

I'm using kernel 2.6.24-rc1. While rt2500pci module is loaded, laptop can't suspend-to-ram. dmesg complains about rt2500pci module. I'll attach some logs.


21-11-2007 13:23:23

2.6.24-rc3 is still affected by this bug. Will it be fixed for 2.6.24 release? If not - that would be a serious reason not to compile and use rt2x00 modules on laptops.


21-12-2007 13:00:27

for me with current ubuntu hardy kernel (based on 2.6.24-rc5) suspend to ram panics the machine with rt2x00 loaded. If I pull out the wifi card, reboot (so that the driver is not loaded), I can suspend no problem.

What can I do to help fix this?


21-12-2007 16:13:38

What can I do to help fix this?[/quote33rsp9sy]

Supply us with a stack trace of the panic would be a great start.


21-12-2007 19:35:13

And in the meantime you can unload the module in your suspend script.



23-12-2007 12:01:21


I tried to get a stacktrace with a serial console, but nothing shows up in the console on the other machine (the boot messages do show up, but no panic is logged).

Is there anything I'm missing? Do I need to enable some kernel debugging thing?

I'm sure it is the rt2x00 (rt2500pci) driver that gives the problem, as when I unload these modules before suspend, that works fine.


24-12-2007 11:26:18

IIRC, there is some kernel config option that controls whether the console will be suspended or not. You'll need to enable it.


26-12-2007 02:24:53

see http// (at the end)

for me, this patch breaks suspend/resume[quote2c47uuev]commit 81873e9ccd5731ca77027bdb32b34904e7af25d0
Author Ivo van Doorn <>
Date Sat Oct 6 141406 2007 +0200

[PATCH] rt2x00 Fix rfkill handling[/quote2c47uuev]