rt2500 master mode and wireless-2.6[solved]

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03-11-2007 12:50:38

they told here that there are special patches for the master mode
http//marc.info/?l=linux-wireless&m=11 ... 425736&w=2
>One of two possible branches of interest to some is the
>'mac80211-attic' branch. This branch mostly contains patches
>supporting hostap functionality for mac80211. These patches will
>not be merged as-is due to unsettled user interface issues. I have
>preserved them on this branch solely as a courtesy to those who need
>this functionality. I expect for this functionality to be replaced
>RSN by work underway from Johannes Berg.
but i don't find them...does it means that the master/hostap functionality has been merged into the wireless-2.6?

by the way i have a rt2500 with the rt2x00 of the wireless-2.6(2.6.24-rc1) kernel...and[code13qvabfh]iwconfig ra0 mode Master[/code13qvabfh] didn't work

thanks in advance for your response...i am waiting for master mode since a very long time...


03-11-2007 14:11:13

In a recent interview John Linville indicates that master mode support might be merged upstream as early as 2.6.25. It will require a new version of hostapd..


04-11-2007 10:34:12

but i don't find them...does it means that the master/hostap functionality has been merged into the wireless-2.6?

Thesupport has not been merged afaik. Try Johannes Berg patches from


06-11-2007 18:20:04

thanks a lot...i'll try theses patches


15-11-2007 09:42:39

So, any luck using the patches? After fiddling around quite a bit, I managed to get hostapd to start, but not more... Still no AP in sight.
I really miss master mode a lot because some of my hardware doesn't allow for WPA-none in ad-hoc mode. /


15-11-2007 21:38:54

wolleric, what hardware are you using? Master mode and ad-hoc mode have both been disabled in the rt2x00 driver that is headed for 2.6.24 because at least on rt73 it appears that the beacon generation is broken. It is believed that this applies to rt2500usb too but it isn't known if the PCI devices work (No-one has had the time to test them properly).


18-11-2007 13:40:11

I'm using an RT2500 based PCI board.
I cloned the rt2x00 git tree a few hours ago and applied Johannes Berg's kernel patches, some of them manually, and managed to compile the kernel and even the latest hostapd from git.
Now I can put the device in master mode via iwconfig, though I haven't tested if this is actually true.
Hostapd won't start ioctl[SIOCSIFFLAGS] Operation not supported.

Obviously master mode functionality is disabled in the driver, as you said. Any chance of patching it back on again? ) I realize that this is necessary for the stability of the driver right now, but for me this renders the whole project pretty useless. -/


18-11-2007 13:45:23

You can revert the patch manually
http//git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/g ... 8b97959559

I give no guarentee that master mode will be working after this, since I disabled it for a reason it doesn't work and I am more interested in getting the basics stable/working before working on the more advanced features.


18-11-2007 13:55:09

Thanks, did that, now hostapd starts with lots of error messages (see attachment), but at least it runs. P
The station cannot be found, though. Obviously the interface doesn't do anything.
I'll try to find some dirty fixes for the ioctls, though it probably will exceed my skills by far...

EDIT forgot the attachment -.-