ubuntu gutsy, and supported chipset-s

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13-11-2007 11:06:13


In my project on the university, i testing wlan card. ( a lof of with ralink ships ). The operating system is ubuntu 7.10.

I listed the modeules after pluged a wlan card, and I see the follows

loeader kernel moduls
rt2x00 pci

I think, the old legacy driver, and the driver, with the mac driver is loaded. My question is, I have true? Can I move to blacklist the rt61pci module, to use only the softmac drivers? Why loaded the old driver? Same things happens, after plugged another ralink wifi device.


13-11-2007 19:07:54

rt61pci, rt2x00pci and rt2x00lib all belong to the rt2x00 package.

The old driver for rt61 is named "rt61", so if only these modules are listed, then you are using rt2x00.

If you want to use the old driver, blacklist rt61pci and download & install the legacy driver rt61.


14-11-2007 06:53:26

Thank's )