Problems on an old driver

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16-11-2007 13:54:21

Hi all,
I'm using the Ralink wireless driver in RTnet. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, it is a realtime UDP/IP networking stack for RTAI/Xenomai frameworks. Real-time drivers are ported from their Linux counterparts with minor modifications.

So, here's the problem the ralink driver for RTnet is based on rt2x00-2.0.0-b3.
It works pretty well, except for the fact that at 11 Mbit/s it's quite unusable. There's no way to transmit a UDP stream, ICMP works but not for every packet size. For instance, with a 56 bytes ICMP payload it works, with packet of 127 and 129 bytes still does, but it does not work with 128 bytes nor with 200 bytes. With UDP, no chance with any packet size. (
By a dumb printk() debugging it seems that the packet is sent from the stack manager to the driver, and even the driver claims a successful tx. I suspect there might be some bug in the configuration phase.

Does anybody has some ideas?

Thanks in advance



16-11-2007 18:59:10

Isn't upgrading to the latest rt2x00 version much better?
There are countless of bugfixes since Beta 3.
Besides Beta3 was never a "real" release, but rather the last snapshot of rt2x00 with the IPW stack.