rt61pci and distance

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17-11-2007 17:30:36

After compiling Ivd's git kernel from 11/11/07 I could use rt2x00 a little more. I use an rt61 pcmcia card on wpa lan and I am quite far from the AP (15 meters 2 walls). I noticed that from this distance websurfing and IM are ok except for gmail that will stall at login and the photo upload applet on Facebook.
Gnome ssh mount seem to also fail.

All these issues get solved as soon as I get closer to the AP.
I don't know it is possible to improve that but if needed I can do some testing either today or tomorrow. It will be more difficult during the week to do the tests.



17-11-2007 17:45:34

If you could use latest version and enable debugfs and run the attached script while working close to the AP and while working on a distance.

Please attach both dumps as attachment to this thread so I can look into them.



18-11-2007 11:40:34

I finished recompiling the latest version, but now even gmail works from far though I haven't booted the new kernel yet. I'll post the debug as soon as I can reproduce that.


20-11-2007 21:20:59

Eventually, I could get the ouputs. Thanks for your patience, IVD


17-12-2007 09:15:37

Sorry for bringing that up, but are there any news about that issue? It is quite blocking for me. If you need some more dumps to study, I will gladly provide the needed testing


17-12-2007 09:40:05

Do you have current git? Or does it at least include the patch labeled

rt2x00 Only update rssi average approximation on receiving beacon frames

It effectively fixes sensitivity issues in noise environments.


17-12-2007 10:15:02

I tried to compile a kernel yesterday evening by pulling this git tree

git-clone git//git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kern ... rt2x00.git

+ classical make menuconfig && make kpkg

I did not have time to test it extensively, but it seemed to be much worse than the former version I had compiled. No networks were detected either through netwrok manager or iwlist scan and when shutting down, I saw a bunch of errors related to rt2x00.

I am not familiar at all with git development, and branches (or is it called like that ?). Did I pull the git tree from the worng place or was my mystake in some other field?


17-12-2007 20:54:29

Nazcafan From what you describe I'd say you did the right thing. But your report about it being worse than before is bad news. I only have a pci rt61 and it's working fine here, so I cannot help much. But you could make life easier for developers trying to help you by enabling all rt2x00 debug options in the kernel and post the rt2x00 related lines that show up in your syslog. That way, we can identify what chipset exactly you have on your card and maybe someone with the same hardware shows up and helps you.


17-12-2007 22:25:19

This is quite strange... I had compiled the debian kernel package on another (more up to date) lenny computer which is faster than the one I am trying to get to work. I recompiled just adding verbose debug option for rt2x00.
In order to be sure I also updated every package on this machine (libc6 included). After reinstalling the kernel it seems to work just fine...

I am puzzled and confused. Maybe the host libc6 and the compiling libc6 needed to be the same which caused all the problems I had.

I am going to test the driver again in the same conditions I had described (probably tomorrow evening) and keep you informed.


20-12-2007 21:09:57

OK I could someone to test more extensively this new version

good news is that now google and some obscure java applet in facebook now work.
Bad news is that sending mail with big attachments fails if I am "far from AP"
either through pop protocol, or gmail. Big uploads via scp have also been reported to fail from "far".

Worse news is that I am getting out of town for two weeks and therefore won't be able to supply a register dump until I get back. If it is really necessary and urgent, I can ask someone to do it but they know little about debugfs so it is going to take some time to explain


21-12-2007 08:06:26

It's interesting that some services work for you, some not. Can you elaborate on what you mean exactly when saying mail or uploads `fail'? What are the exact symptoms you encounter?

Also, take your time, I'll be away and not even reading mail for the next 3 weeks.


21-12-2007 08:59:03


Actually, big upoads (mail with attachments, ssh upload) just get stalled, my gnome ressource monitoring tool detects no trafic whereas it should be uploading a large file.
Eventually for gmail and pop, I end up with a "server error" or something like that.

I'll post the dumps in 2008 if necessary


21-12-2007 09:27:30

Actually, big upoads (mail with attachments, ssh upload) just get stalled, my gnome ressource monitoring tool detects no trafic whereas it should be uploading a large file.
Eventually for gmail and pop, I end up with a "server error" or something like that.[/quote2zd7pwhr]

Any syslog output?


21-12-2007 13:45:32

Will have to wait for 2 weeks to get the syslog output. I won't have access to this laptop, sorry!


21-12-2007 16:14:19

Not a problem. I'll leave for 3 weeks starting tomorrow.