IRQ 11 issues: RT2561T PCMCIA (edited)

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09-12-2007 23:10:23

[bcy9pvoiz]Updated text in Bold[/bcy9pvoiz]

I'm running Gobuntu Gutsy on my laptop, a ThinkPad A22m.
I have a C-Net CWC-854 rev. B, which is RT-61 and PCMCIA.

[bcy9pvoiz]Correction I have a revision E hardware, which is RT2561T chipset.[/bcy9pvoiz]

(The card initially detects with iwlwifi modules, and doesn't work because the firmware isn't included with Gobuntu.) [bcy9pvoiz]The IWLWIFI Modules are simply broken in Gobuntu; blacklisting them removes their errors but nothing is better. That being said, they stay blacklisted.[/bcy9pvoiz]

When I removed the iwlwifi modules (and like an idiot also removed mac80211, hence the reinstall), my sound began to stutter and time-stretch (it took about 3-4 times as long.) dmesg seemed to indicate it was some problem with irq11.

[bcy9pvoiz]Definitely seems irq11--even the ETHERNET and USB functions don't work when the wireless card is in the system at boot.[/bcy9pvoiz]

I'm going to see if I can find good instructions to get the latest version of the drivers (and build local packages) after this reinstall finishes--I want to start from a fresh, working copy. I could always rebuild a new mac80211, but I want a known good state to start from.

[bcy9pvoiz]I'm going to update to the latest git driver tonight; lack of time.[/bcy9pvoiz]

Any ideas? I'm thinking of twiddling with BIOS settings. I will post dmesg and hardware information. Let me know what else would be helpful.

[bcy9pvoiz]BIOS settings were unhelpful.[/bcy9pvoiz]

I've been using Ubuntu since Breezy but I really haven't had to do much really advanced stuff besides partition it properly. I'm confident hacking up config files and with the configure/make/make install process,and I know how to debuild. Rules files are out of my league, though. (

Thanks in advance,


10-12-2007 19:00:48

The best way is certainly to recompile a whole new kernel from wireless-dev git. You'll find detailed instructions here [url36142gvd][/url36142gvd].



11-12-2007 04:11:48

Thank you!

Going to follow the instructions, will get back to you.

I can't even get ETHERNET working when the wireless card is plugged in. (

All of the PCI IRQs in the BIOS were set to IRQ 11. This usually isn't a problem, but I changed them to "autoselect" to be sure.

Also blacklisted the iwlwifi modules. No effect--still sound stuttering and no PCI devices work (AGP does) with the wireless card plugged in!

I'll keep you posted,