slowly speeds

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12-12-2007 13:41:29


i just installed the driver and i noticed the speed of the connection is no well.

the signal is about 100%.

i downloaded a file from my isp server (which i should get full speed)
and the speed was about 100KBs instead 600KBs.

on XP the wirelles connection working great.



16-12-2007 20:18:32

Try forcing the wireless rate to 11M.

iwconfig wlan0 rate 11M

Quess the rate detection is broken. Since im having similar problem.

And try to tell a bit more of your system. Card? OS? etc.


17-12-2007 08:58:50

I'm having the same problem with cards supported by rt2500pci.ko from rt2x00. Rate stays stuck at 1M. If I manually set the rate to 11M for about a min and then back to auto it climbs all the way to 54M, until a short drop in signal occurs. Then it falls back to 1M and gets stuck at 1M again.

I did some investigating in the rate control algorithm in mac80211 and it seems at 1M the failed packet count is really high, and the ok count stays zero. This looks kinda weird to me, because the connection is working, although very slow. But that should mean there should be OK packets right?

My guess is that either not all OK packets generate an OK in the rate code, or the 1M rate is somewhat broken (because higher rates do generate ok packets). Or maybe something with ack's not being received (but packages do arrive at AP and hence connection works, but just no wireless ack's?)

I tested with mac80211/rt2x00 git from Dec 5th.
Cards I tested with are
Conceptronic C54RC 18140201 subs 19483c00
Eminent EM3036 18140201 subs 18eb5310

Platform is a Via C3-2 at 1Ghz


17-12-2007 09:44:08

Well, the rate control algorithm in mac80211 is simply rubbish. I have recently teamed up with Stefano Brivio to improve on this situation and our will show up in Linville's wireless development kernel very soon now, so stay tuned.

But please note that the rate you see in iwconfig is only the TX rate. We cannot directly influence the RX rate, as this is selected by the other side. However, if the card is somehow misconfigured (e.g. not acking frames), this can lead to slow RX speeds.