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18-12-2007 13:14:43

I noticed that nothing new has been added to the git repo for a while. I just wonder if development is now taking place in another tree, or if the lack of new code is just attributable to general seasonal stress -)

Best regards, and thanks for your driver,



20-12-2007 12:43:57

just bumping this because of the same question )


20-12-2007 14:30:13

I have a more utilitarian question.

Will I get a [b3fjqzkvt]working[/b3fjqzkvt] rt2x00 driver with vanila kernel 2.6.24-rc5?


20-12-2007 20:45:09

According to my instant messenger logs Ivo hasn't been online since late November and he is the only person who updates the git repository.

With regard to whether 2.6.24-rc5 will work then it probably depends what card you have got, how noisy your environment is and what you want to do.

RT61 and RT73 should work in infrastructure mode provided there aren't lots of other networks with high level signals around. Matthias latest patches which haven't made it upstream are needed to ensure good data rates with other networks around and master and ad-hoc modes are currently not working. I'm not as confident about rt2400 and rt2500 based cards, there have been some failure reports for the latter recently that suggest it may not be working reliably.


20-12-2007 23:06:18

Thanks for your answer.
I still hope that sometime I will be able to use my rt2500 out of the box with vanila kernel, and that this happens before I upgrade my laptop )


20-12-2007 23:10:14

I'm not guaranteeing it won't work just saying there may be problems - The problem with a forum like this is that we are more likely to hear from someone with problems than someone for whom it works perfectly so it may be there are many rt2500 owners without a problem.