Setting Master mode without hostapd

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06-01-2008 12:40:31

Is it possible, or it will be possible, to use master mode with my rt73usb wifi key without hostapd?

My problem is that my distribution seems to completely ignore hostapd, no support neither in ufficial packages nor in the community/contribuited ones.
It will be very frustrating to build by hand also the sysv scripts for the daemon.

Any change or hope in the future? The kernel seems to have a hostap module...


06-01-2008 17:25:58

It isn't currently possible because master mode is currently broken in mac80211 and possibly in rt2x00 too (at least for USB devices, we can't test it until mac80211 support for master mode is reinstated).

It is unlikely that you will be able to get any useful AP functionality without running hostapd but it is also likely that more distros will include it once master mode is working in mac80211 (at the moment hostapd versions need to be kept in sync with the branch of mac80211 where master mode development happens so including hostapd in a distro isn't much use).


06-01-2008 18:58:33

From my experience with MadWifi, you can run an ap without hostap, you are limited to WEP or no encryption though.
But as Adam said, master mode is not working at the moment anyway.


07-01-2008 00:46:42

I'm using the latest 2.6.24 rc in fact... will master be fixed in timr for 2.6.24?


11-01-2008 21:54:15

It's highly unlikely, I'm not even sure mac80211 is supporting that mode well at the moment.