rt2x00 in latest vanilla sources (2.6.24_rc8) with rt73usb

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29-01-2008 00:10:23

I've seen several different topics in both the rt73 legacy driver section and this one about the rt73 using a huge amount of CPU and then freezing, but there's always someone who seems to get it working or something.

It's still doing this for me, I don't know what information I can really give you... because my computer freezes... so I can't get anything from dmesg and the kernel, not expecting whatever error, doesn't write anything under /var/log. I'm using gentoo, but I'm not sure if that matters much.

Linux 2.6.24-rc8 #18 SMP PREEMPT Mon Jan 28 094852 EST 2008[/quote1an0nrg6]

I have two CPU frequency scaling applets in my gnome-panel (one for each core), and they are controlled by the "ondemand" governor, which throttles cpu speed up if needed. When doing anything that results in network activity, with firefox or even wget, they are throttled to full speed during transmission of data and the mouse pointer becomes very very choppy. If I open a more network-intensive program, such as a bittorrent client, that is a sure-fire way to freeze up completely (presumably a kernel panic). Neither of these symptoms occur while connected via ethernet cable.

Any ideas on how to get you more information?

By the way, I've been trying to post this all day, if you quote my post you'll notice I added a bold formatting tag in the middle of "wget", wrapping around no text, because otherwise, the submission of this post fails. Why that specific word doesn't work? I'm extremely perplexed, and it took me forever to figure out.


03-02-2008 08:43:24

I got too fed up with the unpredictable lock-ups and replaced my rt73usb with an Intel 3945 card.

It's a mini PCI-express card (I think that's the interface for internal wifi cards in laptops?), so if it would benefit this project for a developer to have it, I can mail it.

I'm not sure why it showed up on the USB rather than the PCI bus, I guess this card has a USB controller and the rt73 chipset interfaces with that? I don't get why it would be designed this way...