rt2x00pci_probe: Error - PCI request regions fail

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09-03-2008 11:01:53

I used to have legacy rt61 drivers on fedora 5 and everything was working.
i switched to fedora 8 and the wireless card (a dlink one, based on rt61) does not work anymore.
in dmesg I get

PCI Unable to reserve mem region #18000@febf8000 for device 00000300.0
rt2x00pci -> rt2x00pci_probe Error - PCI request regions failed.
rt61pci probe of 00000300.0 failed with error -16

can you help me to fix this? thankyou


09-03-2008 11:24:26

doing a cat /proc/iomem shows that this region is used by pnp.
how can i fix this?


09-03-2008 20:52:56

If you are lucky the fix will be to update the motherboard BIOS, if you are unlucky (which is likely if this is and AMD-751 based motherboard) then there seems to be some nasty interaction between the kernel ACPI support in newer kernels and the chipset and the only solution appears to be to disable ACPI on the kernel command line.


10-03-2008 00:32:28

the board is based on amd rd580. Will try both solutions tomorrow and i will post the results.


15-04-2008 08:11:56

I tried and it still does not work -(