Register Dumping Script

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09-03-2008 22:23:59

The script attached to this post has been passed around in several threads. I just added some more helpful information to the output and made the script auto-detect where debugfs was mounted.

To use it, download the file and as root call the script like this
# source dump-regs.txt

I suggest making this thread sticky for further reference.

This script has been checked with version 2.1.3 of the driver.


09-03-2008 23:02:21

Thanks. )


25-03-2008 15:58:31

Updated script:
a) compatible with all kernels (which include rt2x00)
b) print dump per-driver (opposed to mixed)


04-07-2008 14:25:07

Updated script can be found here
http// ... ivd/tools/