rt73usb works for me

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15-03-2008 22:40:59

I have ubuntu hardy and my d-link rt73usb wireless stick seems stable to me..
This seems to be fixed in the new 24 kernel for me.
Thanks alot for all the work you have done!
I had to use ndiswrapper in gutsy (22 kernel) due to instability with rt73usb.

Only closed source drivers I have are nvidia's now.


15-03-2008 22:58:20

good to hear everything is working. )


06-04-2008 10:52:32


Same here, the dlink dwl-g122 revC1 works really good here with my ppc ibook wpa2, stable connection, no problems on suspend/resume etc.

Thanks for writing that driver, and verynice to get that into the kernel.