rt2x00 and WPA in kernel 2.6.24

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19-03-2008 23:16:49

Hello, I've been using rt2500 module for a long time, but now, I updated my kernel to 2.6.24, enabling the built in driver for rt2x00 and discarding rt2500.
With the old module rt2500 I set up wpa using iwpriv, but is not supported in the kernel driver. Should I use wpa supplicant?
Thank you.


20-03-2008 10:55:38

Now I'm trying with wpa supplicant since iwpriv doesn't work.
wpa_supplicant conf

pairwise=CCMP TKIP
group=CCMP TKIP WEP104 WEP40

wpa_supplicant -B -Dwext -ieth2 -c/etc/wpa.conf
WEXT auth param 5 value 0x0 - isoctl[SIOCSIWAUTH] Operation not supported
WEXT auth param 4 value 0x0 -

I can't get it working!
Any help please?
Thank you.


20-03-2008 11:34:56

Ok, now it's working but very very bad,
dmesg gives me a lot of this lines
eth2 RX deauthentication from XXXXXXXXXXXX (reason=7)

I read that many people have this problem. Does anyone know what does it mean?
It's impossible to use the internet, the speed is very very slow.
Thank you.


23-03-2008 20:45:45

reason code 7 is "Class 3 frame received from nonassociated STA". Class 3 frames are data frames so this means the AP is telling the PC that it's data has been rejected because it doesn't think it is associated. Hopefully another message in either dmesg or the wpa_supplicant log will indicate why it thinks it isn't associated.