Ubuntu rt2x00/rt2500usb OR rt2570usb

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21-03-2008 12:42:05


I got a Pentagram Hornet Antenna
Ebay Item[/urldlzwuyjr]

Bus 006 Device 004 ID 148f2573 Ralink Technology, Corp.

I have an ubuntu installation (latest version with 2.6.22-14 kernel) which provides the rt2500usb driver for it (version 2.0.4) and everything works fine on this system.

The thing is I would like to set up an other system using this antenna on an (with a self-made kernel) IPC (industrial PC).

So i took the latest stable kernel from kernel.org (2.6.24), compiled it and tried to get the antenna work. Unfortunately rt2500usb does not recognize this hardware (says that it is an invalid RT version). modinfo says rt2500usb is version 2.0.10

So I downloaded the rt2570 legacy driver and tried it as well. But when I plug-in the hardware the "khubd" process takes 95%cpu usage, the rausb0 device is not usable and the system pretty much slows down and is unusable...

I tried a few different kernels (and their latest patches) and versions of rt2570 (cvs as well as the beta) but it did not work.

So my question is Is there any difference (concerning my hardware) between version 2.0.4 and 2.0.10? Any reason for that? Is there any possibility to get the code for version 2.0.4?
And what should I try to do? Try to get the rt2570 driver working or concentrate on using the rt2x00 driver?
Or should I focus on getting the rt2x00 sources from my ubuntu installation etc...

I hope any of you understands my problems and can provide some help.

thx in advance,


21-03-2008 19:00:10

That device is known to be a "doubtfull" device, meaning that it is not guarenteed to be either rt2500usb or rt73usb.
If rt2500usb fails, then try rt73usb.


25-03-2008 06:29:47

Thx for your advice.

But is there any explanation for the thing i described?
works with 2.6.22 and rt2x00 2.0.4
but does not work with 2.6.24 and rt2x00 2.0.10...

thx, stefan


25-03-2008 10:44:06

Well tons of patches between the 2 versions are the cause. ;)
You could try the wireless-compat package from linuxwireless.org and see if rt2x00 2.1.4 and a more recent mac80211 will work for you