Using rt2x00 instead rt2500

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26-03-2008 09:50:50


I'm a old user from rt2500 driver. Now, with the latest linux kernel (2.6.24) I saw that rt2x00 is included on it.

I tried to put my wireless card working with the new driver, but I have a little problems.

First of all is the name with rt2500 my wireless card is named eth1, and now, wlan0_rename ... but the more estrange is that I have a eth1 too!

I tried to configure my wireless in the same way that I used for rt2500 driver, with the /etc/network/interfaces file, renaming eth1 to wlan0_rename, but I have not very fine results.

Can somebody help with the configuration of rt2x00?


26-03-2008 15:44:00

It's a bit outdated but
http// ... tle=README

answers most of your questions.

For the interface naming, search this forum with kerwords 'wlan0_rename udev'