rt61pci linux filesystem corruption / lockup

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06-04-2008 19:55:55

First I am curious if anyone has had their file system become corrupted after using the rt61pci driver that is included in the kernel?

The info I was using the rt61pci driver and it associated, and grabbed an ip address from a wireless access point that was using WEP. It could go that far. I could use it, but when ever I used port 80 on the wireless it would lock up the computer. No log was captured from this since the crash resulted in a dead lock. Now the last time I used the wireless I was downloading a file from the Gentoo servers when it crashed. This time the crash corrupted the file system resulting in Gentoo needing to be re-installed.

What I want to know Will the latest GIT code in the driver not crash the computer and corrupt the file system?

As can be guessed I am a little frustrated at this happening.


07-04-2008 02:25:20

The damage is worse than I thought the worst was. There are two hard drives in the computer and every file system that was mounted at the time of the crash has been corrupted. ( That means that the file systems on both hard drives are corrupted. This would mean that there is something bad happening in the rt61pci driver regarding memory corruption.


07-04-2008 13:14:19

Well why do you suspect rt61pci?

The 2.6.24-gentoo-r4 kernel I use crashes at times as well, but those were unrelated to rt61pci (since it happens when the module wasn't loaded).

Second, a crash that causes 2 harddrives to become corrupt sounds more like a problem in the Filesystem, do you have a journalling filesystem? If so they should have easily be able to recover from a crash. (Unless you were using XFS)


08-04-2008 04:50:21

Well it is my first assumption as things were working well before on the 2.6.22 kernel with out file corruption. Once the system is re-installed I'll be changing one thing and that is it won't be using the rt61pci driver on the 2.6.24-gentoo-r4 kernel. I'm using this kernel on several different computers and not experiencing any problems with lockups at all and I try to keep the kernel configurations very similar. Sometimes a variation can occur, but I like to use one kernel config for all the computers.