rt73usb not working on AMD64?

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07-04-2008 21:13:46

HI there,

i have a WLAN USB-STick ([b3tx2236f]ID 148f2573 Ralink Technology, Corp.[/b3tx2236f]) and tried using the Kernel rt73usb Module.

I'm running the latest Gentoo-Sources Kernel ([b3tx2236f] 2.6.24-gentoo-r4 #3 SMP[/b3tx2236f]) and have the WLAN Driver compiled into the Kernel and want to connect to My AP using WPA2 (AES) with Pre-shared key

The Devices appear but I cannot connect to my AP


I have tried the same Kernel Config + wpa_supplicant Version on my Laptop (x86) and it works perfect.

So my question is Is there any known Problem with amd64 Kernels? Or has anyone a working rt73usb on AMD64?

Thanks in Advance


09-04-2008 20:52:34


solved it.

I had to comment out the following entries in wpa_supplicant.conf


Now it works.