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21-04-2008 17:09:01

Hi Ivo,

I've noticed recently that you have created a new "experimental" branch in the git archive. In what ways does this branch deviate from "master"? Is it only support for new hardware? Would it make sense to check whether that branch fixes the performance regressions with rt2500pci that I'm experiencing?



21-04-2008 17:17:50

The master branch is for regular users/testers
The experimental branch is for developers

Bugfixes and minor feature additions are done directly in the master branch.
Major new features / new hardware support is developed in the experimental branch, and contains the latest snapshot of those efforts. It will consist of incomplete code with lots of FIXME's and TODO's which can be filled in over time.
Once such a feature has been completed it is moved to the master branch for testing.

The main reason for its existence is that I needed somewhere to put my intermediate patches so I can work on multiple things at the same time. (aka bugfixes vs big new features).
And I can use it to point developers who want to assist with new features to the code where they can start working on. ;)