rt73usb Gentoo PPC

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09-05-2008 12:36:22

Hi all this is my first post here ;)

My Problem

unlike the other recent thread about success with a Dlink DWL-G122 H/W Ver C1 on Gentoo 2.6.24 with the kernel rt73usb driver, i dont get it to work.
My Machine is a Dual PPC Mac G4 450Mhz
I tried Kernels from 2.6.24-gentoo-r3 to 2.6.25-gentoo-r2 without luck.

The Problem is that the driver cannot load the firmware.
Firmware is installed at /lib/firmware/rt73.bin


I also tried the cvs tarball 2008050814 legacy rt73.ko without success (no scan results).


On AMD64 Preemt SMP the Kerneldriver works for me with wpa_supplicant. Thanks for the good work ;)

Same setup on PPC doesnt work, am i missing something?


09-05-2008 17:51:42

Is your udev or hotplugging daemon configured to read firmware files?
There are several topics on this forum about where to find the correct udev configuration for firmware loading.


10-05-2008 10:36:14

Ok, i resolved the problem.
There was a timeout of 60 seconds because the Module loader was tring to contact my ldap server for authentication.
After stopping the ldap Server the Firmware loads correctly.

Keep up your good Work ;)