rt2x00 locks eclipse

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27-05-2008 19:45:50


ran into a strange bug... I have a rt2500 pc-card (ASUS), on a laptop running the 2.6.25 kernel. When the card is inserted (and the driver loaded) I can't start Eclipse it stops in the middle of the startup and never finishes.
If I remove the card, I can start Eclipse but it freezes as soon as I insert back the card.

I don't understand what is the link between the rt2x00 driver and this Java application, and did not find any usefull information during the Eclipse startup...
If someone has an idea of what can happen, or an advice to debug the problem, I'll be happy...



27-05-2008 19:51:54

Do other Java applications work normally? (as far as Java applications can work normally ;) )

Do you have plugins installed which will use the network? (like SVN/CVS plugins)


11-06-2008 19:47:26

Sorry for the slow reply...

Well, I tried other Java apps and they work. I finally disabled all the plugins, re-started Eclipse with the card inserted. It worked (no freezing). I then, turned on each plugins, one by one, to find the guilty one, without success. It works and I can't reproduce the problem since then...

Sorry for the noise, I can't even provide a way to reproduce the problem...