Start parameters for rt2x00 module

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04-07-2008 16:01:34

I have following question, what parameters are allowed for rt2x00 module?

I ask, because I would like to force it to use rfkill. In my laptop I have radio on/off button, but when driver loaded it is not detected by the system.


04-07-2008 16:15:16

There are no module parameters for rt2x00.

Are you sure the laptop key is tied to your rt2x00 card? So do you have a special key which is not tied to your regular keyboard that controls the wireless radio?


04-07-2008 16:44:33

Yes, some time ago I observed its state in memory dumps of network card in sys files, it is matching the address set in source files (now I don't remember its address). Anyway pressing of the button toggle state of the rfkill bit.

At this moment I cannot check it, because I am connected using ndiswrapper, the connection quality is not so good, and rt2x00 driver don't detect access points.
But if you want some more information, please let me know, I wiil switch to rt2x00 to make test.

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04-07-2008 19:34:00

Then I am not sure what the problem is, what do you mean with "rfkill is not detected" as in pressing the button causes nothing to happen, or the rfkill structure is not created?

And with what version are you testing this? Latest rt2x00.git no longer creates the input device, so if you are missing that, then that is correct.


04-07-2008 20:09:42

I am using the version from kernel 2.6.25.
With the "rfkill is not detected" I mean that the rfkill structures are not created. So therefore I asked if there is possibility to force the driver to use of rfkill.


04-07-2008 20:40:45

Did you build rt2x00 with rfkill support?
Also please use script from http// ... ivd/tools/ to get the eeprom contents


04-07-2008 21:43:55

There is dump file of registers.


04-07-2008 22:03:11

Thanks, but you _did_ compile rt2x00.git with RFKILL support enabled for rt2x00 right?


05-07-2008 05:35:04

Yes I have compiled it with rfkill support, of course.