rt2500pci master: status, troubleshooting etc.

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14-07-2008 18:04:16


i have a RaLink-based PCI wireless adapter which uses rt2500pci driver. I've read in the kernel changelog for 2.6.26 that master mode is supported again. So I grab the kernel and try to iwconfig wlan0 mode master. Yet all I get is
# iwconfig wlan0 mode master
Error for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06) :
SET failed on device wlan0 ; Invalid argument.[/code2k6mak8j]

What is the status of master mode in mainline kernel? Is my hardware master-capable and how do I test it? Does it make any sense to try the git? Or am I simply doing it wrong?

lspci sees my card as
[code2k6mak8j]Network controller: RaLink RT2500 802.11g Cardbus/mini-PCI (rev 01)[/code2k6mak8j]

I'll appreciate any help.


14-07-2008 20:21:36

Please use the search button on this forum.
Then you find why the above command fails, what the status is, and how you can experiment with master mode.


16-07-2008 06:42:56

I did a search before posting, but it was too specific, I am afraid.
For anyone who finds this thread, I'll post short summary of what is needed atm to make master work with rt2500pci
Basically it is very wise to follow this howto [url30st1fja]http://gentoo-wiki.com/Wireless/libnl_Access_Point#Configuration_of_hostapd[/url30st1fja].
For me the whole has worked with official 2.6.26 kernel, libnl-1.1-r1 and git of hostapd. As a gentoo user I have encountered some problems however, as hostapd init script didn't want to start before wlan0 is started. I had to disable wpa_supplicant module and change /etc/conf.d/net as follows
[code30st1fja]config_wlan0=( " netmask" )
So far I brought the acccesspoint with WPA-PSK-TKIP up, will try other modes and maybe make a summary.