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02-08-2008 12:31:25

Hello everybody,

First of all, major kudos to the developers for the work done so far!

I've been trying to get my rt2500pci card to work in master mode, and I must say that's it's been a huge leap in functionality considered from a year ago.
Unlike the success stories I've read here, I haven't had that much success myself (yet).
Perhaps I've missing something simple, here's what I have and how I configured it
- a build of the rt2x00 git tree (2 aug, of around 1400 hours)
- a build of the hostapd git tree (headers used of the rt2x00 tree)
- libnl 1.1 (distro shipped, used distro dev. package)

The endpoint that's supposed to connect with the card is your standard laptop with wifi card.

# rt2500pci is loaded using a module;
modprobe rt2500pci (all friends & kernel deps are properly loaded along)
# using ifconfig wlan0 is configured for / 24
ifconfig wlan0 netmask up
# hostapd is started (see attached files)
./hostapd -ddd ./hostapd.conf

Using the laptop; I should now be able to detect a new AP called 'tb; however I do not.
This seems like a reasonable step to get working first; this what I observe
-I do see the probe requests from my laptop flying by; hostapd even properly logs them to the console
-The probe requests are really coming from my laptop, I verified this by settings wlan0 is monitor mode and running tcpdump over it and checking the mac adress
-from the laptop's point of view; I do see several other AP's.
-when scanning from wlan0 I barely see an AP, in fact, the only AP I _sometimes_ see is the strongest one in the neighbourhood (laptop reports it as super strong) (iwscan wlan0 list)
-when using airodump-ng; I have no problem whatsoever to detect the strong AP in the neighbourhoud; it stands out with a PWR 197 rating and I can see its beacons flying by like crazy
-in master mode; using hostapd, I only my rx counter raise on the monitor device; but not on the wlan0 device. The tx counter never raises.

I would like to know wether or not I've skipped a simple step; or something else going on here.

I'd appreciate any advice how to continue and if / or debug information would be needed.

kind regards,


attached stdout info of hostapd

_edit_ nore files attached (tarball)
register dump attached, made just after hostapd got up


03-08-2008 19:50:04


Using vanilla 2.6.27-rc1 with some of johannes patches I still dont see my ssid.
(004 to 008 and the mac move ht patch).
I do get a complaint however, about the non-free entry in the non-full queue 0 during a rt2x00queue_write_tx_frame.

Hope this helps you a bit further; if anyone still has any ideas for not seeing the ssid I'm open for suggestions.
(note that in my case I can a proper connection, see my ssid etc, in ad-hoc mode).