Observations with rt2500pci

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15-08-2008 12:11:38

Hi all,

After a lot of unrelated trouble getting the git tree kernel to actually boot, here is what I notice

1) The driver works! Thank you big time for that -)
2) Messages as the one below ([1]) no longer appear -)
3) The reported signal level is lower. As the ap is currently ~1m away, the level used to be around 95-97%. Now it's 70-77%. Throughput seems to be unaffected, though.
4) I still get connected at 1M, having to manually set the rate to 54M.
5) I haven't tested this on the previous driver, but I tried to scp a 700Mb file to my server/ap. Initially, throughput was around 3.4MB/s as reported by scp, though it decreased to a steady level of 1.8. This is more or less the throughput rate with the old driver (see point 3), however I wonder why it didn't keep the higher level...

[1] Jul 22 101754 jekaterina kernel [496252.111875] phy0 -> rt2x00lib_rxdone Warning - Frame received with unrecognized signal,signal=0x0c, plcp=0.

All in all, I'm happy to have finally left 2.6.25-rc9 behind -)




18-08-2008 16:59:33

Ad 3), I'm back up in the 90's. All by moving the antenna 2mm ;-)