strange problem with rt61

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19-08-2008 19:06:56

Hello, I'm running the rt61 driver from the 2.6.26 kernel (vanilla) on debian unstable. I have a Dlink DWL-G510 pci card connected to an AP in a nearby room through pppoe.
After the boot everything works fine, for a random time between 10 mins and 3/4 hours. Then, the connection stop working. if i stop the ppp demon and restart it says "timeout waiting for PADO packets", but the card is still associated to the ap. If i bring down the network and restart it the card cannot associate to the AP. The only way to solve it is to reboot.
Any idea on how to solve this? (the card works perfectly on the winXP and the signal strength is excellent).



20-08-2008 17:30:09

I moved this thread to the appropriate section of the forum.
I don't exactly in what shape rt2x00 is in 2.6.26, maybe you'll have to rely on the legacy driver or update to a git version of rt2x00.
It would be useful if you could provide a debug trace when the issue arises.