rt2500 probe responses with wep and fragmented bit set

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30-08-2008 20:31:51

Hello everybody,

I'm trying to get master mode to work with a pci rt2500 card, running ubuntu, git wl kernel, git hostapd and libnl1.1.
Runningt hostapd in verbose mode screams MGMT (TX callback) fail (in fact, it manages to do 1 ack, the rest are failures).
Now, for the record, hostapd is configured to run as an open AP, the most basic configuration you can think of.
When analyzing the actual responses (tcpdumping on the mon.wlan0 iface, using wireshark to disect), I discovered that the probe responses for a SSID broadcast
had the WEP bit and the Fragmentation bit set, consistently, for all probe responses.

Somehow I dont think that frame of 81 bytes needs either bits set.
Does anyone know wether this falls in the category hostapd bug, or rt2x00 bug?

kind regards,



30-08-2008 20:37:31

I'd call it a mac80211 or hostapd bug.
rt2x00 doesn't create the frame, so it won't touch the ieee80211 header.