rt61 legacy VS rt2x00 drivers - confused newbie -please help

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14-09-2008 17:04:03

Hi there ... first of all i would like to say one BIG thanks ... because i can see that you guys put a lot of effort into this project ...

Secondly .. I would like to tell you that I'm really confused by it as well.

GOAL - get rt61 with packet injection working

Attempts - I have tried the daily build and despite some message that headers are too big >1MB ... rt61.ko was build successfully .... but as far i can see.. the daily build is legacy branch and this driver does not support injection

Next Gen driver - I am just working on the cg clone git//git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kern ... t2x00.git/ and at 16% * and it does take ages ... but I have been around Linux/ubuntu for a while but I'm not sure how this will exchange./update/patch the driver and why does it take so long ... I have also tried to search for HOW TO on installing the next-gen driver but all i find are the Legacy how to's ....

Can anyone suggest how to make sure I have the correct driver for packet injection ? Is there any other how to for next-gen installation driver? Is there a distro that comes with this driver out of the box ? as far as i know .. the backtrack3 final does not

(using ubu 7.04 at the moment .. but i don't care ... any distro suggestions/howto welcome)


15-09-2008 18:51:10

rt61 (legacy) supports injection. You can enable it with "iwpriv wlan0 rfmontx 1". I don't know how to achieve a similar result with rt2x00 (last-gen).



15-09-2008 21:27:21

Thank you so much for the answer ... unfortunately ... i was not aware of this fact and will definitely give it a try ...

Muchas gracias.. . Vielen Dank ... Thank You .... Merci ... Dzienkujem ..