rt2500pci_bbp_read in 2.6.26-2 (debian/sid) & 2.6.27-rc6

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16-09-2008 15:54:30

I've noticed a number of errors at bootup on my RT2560 mini-pci card ([i2q0og1gj]phy0 -> rt2500pci_bbp_read Error - BBPCSR register busy. Read failed[/i2q0og1gj]). The card doesn't work under Windows either at the moment -- is its firmware/baseband processor dead?

Ivo, I know you've seen the same error on the Kernel mail list ([url2q0og1gj]http://uwsg.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/0808.2/1491.html[/url2q0og1gj]). Is there a way to reset the BBP? Have I broken it by using a rt2x00 driver in linux-next?

Thanks for any help -- happy to provide more info if needed.


16-09-2008 18:12:38

Well your read my post, so you can assume the same response from me here,
are you sure the device is actually working?
BBP read problems usually occur due to hardware failure, and if windows fails too, that is a clear indication something is very wrong.


16-09-2008 20:26:56

I'm not sure it isn't dead. Can you suggest anything I can try to poke it?

(and thanks for your help in this forum and for the whole rt2500 legacy/rt2x00 drivers.)



17-09-2008 07:34:30

Does the card work on another computer?
If not, then it is definitely not a driver issue, but a hardware issue.