Scan problems in rt2x00 using kernel

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17-09-2008 15:00:50


my system is ARM based box with Debian Etch on it. At first some kind of BIOS will be booted. The BIOS is a small Linux OS with some administrative applications using uClibc, that is situated on the internal 4Mb flash chip. The main purpose is to start Linux kernel from a CompactFlash card containing Debian Etch for ARM. Usually BIOS has the same Linux kernel as on the CF card.

At first I used 2.6.24 in both BIOS and CF. Everything was O.K. besides some problems I already described here viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4948. I could scan and find my AP etc. Now I moved to And when I use this kernel both in BIOS and Debian I can find no APs. The iwlist wlan0 scan returns "no results". If I use 2.6.24 in the BIOS and on the CF card, there are no problems. I don't do anything with WLAN card in BIOS. The kernel boots and the the kernel form the CF will be started via kexec call.

What could have changed in the initialization of the WLAN card? Any ideas? What info do you need to investigate this issue?

I have tried both RT2560F and RT2561T

Thank you in advance.