rutil know wpa2 but i can't connect

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26-09-2008 14:00:11

i'm new. i have a gigabyte gn-wmkg with a ralink rt2500. I use debian lenny that include some driver for rt2500. Having problem with network manager (continue disconnections) i have decided to compile RutilT, but it doesn't recognize wpa2 connection (recognized as wep). Using google i have readed that with the latest rt2x00 module it work well. I have compiled it and, in effect, it now recognize wpa2 but it report an error that inform that is impossible to connect to wpa2 due to a driver limitation.

I would like to know how i can fix it or how to remove the compiled modules, for reuse the modules included into debian.

thanks and excuse me for my english oops


26-09-2008 18:05:46

RUtilt can only be used with the legacy drivers (where rt2500 doesn't support WPA2)
But rt2x00 drivers require any regular tool to configure wireless interfaces i.e. wpa_supplicant, iwconfig, NetworkManager, etc.