rt61, centos5.2/64bit, XEN

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07-10-2008 22:48:09


I have a Linksys WMP54G card. The chipset is RaLink RT2500/RT61.
I was able to setup your driver on the latest kernel and everything is OK.
I'm now trying to use this driver on a XEN kernel.
I'm able to do make and make install and set all the network parameters but when I run dhclient to get the address the computer reboots.
Reboots keep happening till I disable the network card.

Any ideeas?

Radu B.


13-10-2008 18:12:06

this is the first time I see someone trying the driver in a virtualized environment. Does using a static IP work better?
Posting a debug trace as explained in the TESTING file coming with the driver could be helpful.



17-10-2008 13:14:38

Can you explain how you are accessing the WLAN card in your Xen environment?

I have experience with running a Atheros-based PCI WLAN card in a Xen environment. I used it in a virtual machine for an access point via the pci-passthrough feature of Xen. At the beginning I also had mysterious reboots caused by a shared interrupt of the WLAN adapter and a dom0 device. Putting the card into another PCI slot resolved this problem.