Hostap on Edimax EW-7318USg

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24-10-2008 10:50:22

Greetings to all of you!
First of all, I would like to apologize that I am probably another one asking questions solved thousands times before. You are likely to tell me that I should use your search button. BUT - your search button actually doesn't allow me to search - says i'm not allowed to at this time -(

I used Google to search the posts and used all the information I could find but still I am not successful.

I am trying to set my Edimax EW-7318USg into master mode.

My System
Ubuntu 8.04.1
Kernel rt2x00 git
Linux a02-0435c 2.6.27-rc6-wl #2 SMP Thu Oct 23 14:42:25 CEST 2008 i686 GNU/Linux

I downloaded and compiled hostap.git and configured it according to the ap-mode howto.
root@a02-0435c:~/src/hostap/hostapd# ./hostapd -dd hostapd.conf
Configuration file: hostapd.conf
ioctl[PRISM2_IOCTL_PRISM2_PARAM]: Operation not supported
Could not enable hostapd mode for interface wlan0
hostap driver initialization failed.
wlan0: Unable to setup interface.
Flushing old station entries
Deauthenticate all stations
rmdir[ctrl_interface]: No such file or directory

There is no additional info in syslog nor in debug.
Dmesg after modprobe
[code2axiep2s] 4317.548746] phy4: Selected rate control algorithm 'pid'
[ 4317.550002] Registered led device: rt73usb-phy4:radio
[ 4317.551051] Registered led device: rt73usb-phy4:assoc
[ 4317.551931] Registered led device: rt73usb-phy4:quality
[ 4317.553279] usbcore: registered new interface driver rt73usb
[ 4317.600431] firmware: requesting rt73.bin
[ 4317.838559] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlan0: link is not ready

root@a02-0435c:/mnt/debian/home/jenda# modinfo rt73usb
filename: /lib/modules/2.6.27-rc6-wl/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/rt2x00/rt73usb.ko
license: GPL
firmware: rt73.bin
description: Ralink RT73 USB Wireless LAN driver.
version: 2.2.1
srcversion: F2EE065EAFEA721C1A04F49
alias: usb:v2019pAB50d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*
alias: usb:v07B8pB21Dd*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*
depends: rt2x00lib,rt2x00usb,crc-itu-t,usbcore
vermagic: 2.6.27-rc6-wl SMP mod_unload modversions 586
parm: nohwcrypt:Disable hardware encryption. (bool)

Monitor mode works fine, Managed mode not tested yet, as I have no open AP near me. Scanning in Managed mode also works fine.

Thank you for any help!


31-10-2008 09:13:06

I wonder if it's something I've said (


31-10-2008 19:06:17

Well I don't have any experience with hostapd, but are you running the latest hostapd version (which includes nl80211 support?)
Also did you try the hostapd configurations posted in the other threads in this forum?


06-12-2008 21:49:11

You have to change the hostapd driver to nl80211 (it uses hostap by default, which is suitable for Prism chipsets and won't work with Ralink). Of course, hostapd must be compiled with nl80211 support.

By the way, I also use this type of USB dongle with hostapd 0.6.6. The card itself works good in Ad-Hoc mode, but in Master (with hostapd), it is likely to hang for a minute after transmitting some data. It seems to happen only with some card/driver combinations on a station. So my question is, what is the current status of Master mode support in rt73usb? Should I expect such bugs?

There was also such an issue hostapd was like "did not acknowledge authentication response" all the time and rejected connections from two different stations. So I made it ignore these errors and then it started to work. Is this kind of error related to the driver?