rt2x00usb rt73 adhoc mode no beacons transmitted

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30-10-2008 00:07:39

I'm using the rt2x00 driver from compat-wireless-2.6-old.git (9-27-2008) with an RT73 based device in adhoc mode. When I run a packet sniffer I see no beacon frames from this driver whereas I do see beacons from the same device with the rt73-legacy driver in adhoc mode.

What would be the reason for this? Wouldn't this break adhoc badly?

Specifically what I'm trying to do is come up with a driver that allows both an adhoc interface and a monitor mode interface so that I can collect signal strength from neighboring peers. The rt2x00usb driver supports monitor mode coexisting with adhoc mode but the fact that it doesn't send beacons means I have no frames to gather statistics on from the other peers persepective. Any thoughts or recommendations are greatly appreciated.




30-10-2008 19:08:48

I just got a mail from somebody else confirming the recent beacon breakage, he will look into the issue and so will I.

And yes without beacons adhoc mode is broken.