rt73usb ad-hoc mode set frequency error

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04-11-2008 11:09:07

I am using rt73usb devices with the wireless-testing kernel (2.6.28-rc2-wl) and encountered some problems using the ad-hoc mode (the wireless-testing kernel 2.6.27-rc4 in use before performed well in ad-hoc mode). Now, setting the channel with iwconfig results in the following error

# iwconfig wlan0 chan 3
Error for wireless request "Set Frequency" (8B04)
SET failed on device wlan0 ; Invalid argument.

The command runs without any error when the device is in managed mode, though. The only command that doesnt throw an error in ad-hoc mode is "iwconfig wlan0 chan auto".

Despite the error, with no frequency explicitly set, the device doesnt associate with any Cells on 2.412G, and dmesg prints out the following

[73517.207999] wlan0 IBSS not allowed on 2412 MHz
[73532.207999] wlan0 Trigger new scan to find an IBSS to join

I am not sure if the latter issue can be related to the topic on this forum which describes that no beacons are sent in ad-hoc mode with the compat-kernel branch.

Would be great if someone can hook me up on whats going on and where to look to fix this behaviour!


14-11-2008 11:13:00


Is your rt73usb working with wpa_supplicant and wpa in ad-hoc mode?

if yes, can you show me your wpa_supplicant.conf? pls.


14-11-2008 12:05:26

No, wpa_supplicant is not in use.