Installed BSD, now Linux wireless fails

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09-11-2008 23:08:41

A month or so ago, I decided I'd play with FreeBSD. I noticed that whenever I tried to mount my Linux /, it'd spit out a "bad file descriptor" error(despite this, fsck has never returned any errors on the partition). After an experiment with UnionFS, the computer crashed(only the FreeBSD partition had errors; the Linux /home I was trying to put as the bottom layer was fine) and dhclient over the wireless under FreeBSD hasn't worked right since(but wireless does work). On the Linux side of things, wireless fails completely with both my rt2500pci card and my rt73usb stick(the latter is a Linksys WUSB54GC), despite the fact that the ral driver from BSD doesn't support the latter. I've installed 2.6.28-rc3 and even tried ndiswrapper(which wouldn't compile, throwing a "passing too few arguments" error). I've managed so far with an ethernet cable strung over the ceiling, but that's not a long-term solution(one of which I'm at my wit's end to find).

I'm running Debian Lenny, if it matters any.