rt61pci and poor performance

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11-11-2008 13:07:12

Hi I'm currently working on getting a Gigabyte GN-WI01GS mini pci card working, using the rt61pci driver, on an embedded powerpc platform.

When using the driver provided with the kernel sources, linux atm. Module version reported by modinfo is 2.1.8. I get acceptable performance ~2-2.5MB/S connected to a AP with WPA.

Unfortunately the goal is to use this board as an AP and i have not found any way to get the above driver working in that setup.

So i turned to the wireless compat sources from [urlln1sf9w2]http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Download[/urlln1sf9w2]. I used the snapshot from 2008-11-05, reported version from rt61pci then is 2.2.2.

With this applied to our kernel sources i get this up and running both in hostap and managed mode. Unfortunately i get really poor performance out of this setup. Using the same setup as above i get ~70-700KB/S. And it seems like transmission is sporadic and this is why i get such poor transfer rates.

I can transfer large amounts of data and no errors or missed beacons show up when running iwconfig.

Is this a known issue on the newer versions or could it be that i missed something in my setup?

Apart from my problems. Is there a better/recomended way to use a current kernel and ralink hw in a AP config?

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11-11-2008 13:48:42

Slow dataspeed is a known issue, and is being looked into.


11-11-2008 13:51:48

Oh but you could help in debugging the issue, could you compile the old rt61 driver with
"make debugfs"
and make sure your kernel has debugfs support enabled.
And try compiling rt2x00/mac80211 with debugfs enabled as well.

After that download the script: http//kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/peop ... regdump.sh
and run that script when the rt61 driver is loaded and the interface is running and run it a second time when rt61pci is loaded and the interface is running.
Redirect output to a file, and attach the 2 files to this thread. Then can look into the dumps to see if I can find a probable cause for the low transfer speed.


11-11-2008 17:13:14

Hi again and thx for a quick response )

I have now recompiled my kernel and drivers. Attached is register dumps while doing http filetransfers with both drivers. Lets hope that they can give some clue on whats going on.



21-11-2008 08:42:38


Where these files of any help? Is there anything else i could do to provide info on the problem?



21-11-2008 19:12:38

Sorry I hadn't had much time lately to work on rt2x00, as soon as I have time I'll look into it.


22-11-2008 10:31:33

Is this bug still present in latest rt2x00.git or wireless-compat package?


20-10-2010 16:14:51


also i realize the age of this thread, but this is still a problem for me as well. compat-wireless 10-19-2010, two years later P