148f:2573 Ralink Technology driver

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08-12-2008 17:02:34


I would like to know which one is the correct driver to use for device

"Bus 001 Device 004 ID 148f2573 Ralink Technology, Corp. RT2501USB Wireless Adapter"



08-12-2008 18:02:24

Usually rt73usb.
There are some rare cases where rt2500usb must be used.


08-12-2008 18:07:35

i was using the version of the driver that came with the kernel.
looks like i am gonna blacklist it and try to use cvs version.

will report result later. thanks for you help.


08-12-2008 18:11:14

Too bad you are not interested in sharing the problem you encountered with the driver so it might get fixed.
Hopefully you will get one of the cvs legacy drivers working.


08-12-2008 19:34:56

i wanted to use the cvs version instead the one in the kernel because its newer afaik.

2.1.8 in kernel vs 2.2.3 in cvs?

in fact when i blacklisted the kernel drivers and ran

[ipkt0uwpg]modprobe rt73 ifname=wlan0 firmName=rt73.bin[/ipkt0uwpg]

i got seg. fault error in nmbd. when i restarted my linux it died.

hdd was corrupt. now its gonna take some time to bring it back up.


08-12-2008 22:43:27

No, the version in CVS is not newer then the kernel.
To be exact the version in CVS for rt73 is
While for rt2570 the version is 1.0.1

All legacy drivers are part of th 1.X series drivers (even when Ralink released the initial version as 2.X, during adoption into this project the version of the driver is changed to become 1.X).
The in-kernel drivers are part of the 2.X series (and possibly 3.X in the future).

As explained on multiple locations on this website, the drivers in the kernel are complete rewrites of the legacy drivers, and are intended to replace the legacy drivers in the future.


08-12-2008 22:44:14

P.S. When reporting problems regarding the legacy rt73 driver you should report it on the rt73 legacy driver section viewforum.php?f=8