Switching to 802.11b-only mode

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16-12-2008 15:50:16

I would like to operate an ad-hoc network in 802.11b mode. Is this possible with rt2x00 drivers? If yes, how can it be done?


16-12-2008 17:38:46

Well adhoc doesn't allow 802.11g rates, so it should fall back into 802.11b mode anyway.


18-12-2008 18:24:36

Is this because of the rt2x00 driver or because of the 802.11 standard? I thought you could use any PHY regardless of the type of connection.

Even so, I receive no warnings or errors when I set the link speed to 54M in an ad-hoc connection. Is this normal? Does the fallback you mention take place under the hood?


18-12-2008 23:33:42

The iee802.11 specifications limit adhoc to B.
I am not sure how it is implemented in mac80211, but it should follow this rule.


22-12-2008 21:51:04

However, I could establish a 54Mbps link between my laptop and my rt61 and observed speeds upto 3MB/s.

When I choose 2Mbps as the rate, does it fall back to 802.11b? I believe 2Mbps is a 802.11b only transmission rate.