Power saving on rt2x00

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18-12-2008 13:59:04


I asked in the recent past about Power saving in two rt2x00 specific devices and got a satisfying answer.

Now, my question is more general
are there any devices which run the rt2x0 driver which
support power saving ?
In case power saving is disabled - is it a matter of a hardware
problem which disable the device to have power save mode?

and a second little question regarding rt73usb device driver,
I was answered in this forum that "power save is currently not supported by the rt73usb driver."


So is the power save disabled in rt73usb as a result of
some missing hw support ? or does it support power saving in hardware but the thing is that there is not yet support to power save in software ?

Mark Ryde


18-12-2008 23:35:59

The lack of support is software based, 2 weeks ago I implemented powersaving support for all rt2x00 drivers (except rt2800pci/usb), but it has a dependency on a not-yet merged patch for mac80211. Until that patch is merged, power saving will not work correctly (aka enabling power save will immediately put the device into sleep mode, only to wake up when power saving is disabled again).
You could test if this works, but you need to checkout rt2x00.git


20-12-2008 08:50:49

The patch for mac80211 seems to have been merged into wireless-testing, I will update rt2x00.git with that patch today. After that power saving should work.


21-12-2008 08:18:44

I saw the 15 patches of your power saving patchset in the
linux-wireless mailing list yesterday. Great! Thanks a lot !

One last question before testing it - I assume that this patch will also work on the RT73 USB devices (Those that run the rt73usb.c driver). Am I right in this ?



21-12-2008 09:07:50

Yes, the patch applied powersaving support to all drivers. (Only the new rt2800pci and rt2800usb have not been implemented yet)