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05-02-2009 19:18:56


I'm working on setting an Ad-Hoc Network test-bed. I'd like to clarify a few thing for which I could not find in the documentation

1) Does the new rt2x00 replaces the legacy rt73 drivers, even in older kernels? I'm working on kernel 2.6.21. I have only tested with the legacy rt73 drivers, but somehow I'm getting some instability regarding BSSIDs changing, but I'm not sure if this is an rt73 related issue or other drivers used in the devices I'm testing with - namely, Nokia N810 prism chipset and OpenMoko Atheros AR6001 chipset.

2) is it possible to set a fixed BSSID using the rt73 drivers? I have tried

# iwconfig rausb0 ap <MAC_ADDR>

But nothing happened. How about the new drivers, maybe they support this?

I'm using Edimax EW-7318USg USB dongles.


- Breno


07-02-2009 15:45:20

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