rt61pci with hostapd and powersave client device (AndroidG1)

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07-02-2009 22:07:50


Thanks to the help of this forum i got my WMP54G v4.1 card running rt61pci working[/url3dndlt7z].

That was with my Dell D820 as a client, now i've tried my new T-Mobile G1 (android) phone. Which connects, gets an ip address but doesn't seem to create data very well. Sometimes pages load, sometimes they don't.

Googling a bit, i found this
http//www.nabble.com/net80211-hostap-v ... 50275.html

I've tried to change the security settings but even with no security it has this problem. So it seems the G1 phone goes into a powersave mode which (i think) drops the radio connection. From the last post at nabble.com i think this could be the same issue. Can you somebody confirm this - if there are issues with powersaving defices?
If so, how could this be resolved?