LED's not working on my Linksys device

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13-02-2009 20:10:31


is it normal that the LED's aren't working on my Linksys USB device ?
=> the LED "Link", which should blink when network activity is present remains not lit

Driver = rt2500usb
Device = Linksys WUSB54G

(Rem the LED works with ndiswrapper)

Thanks in advance


14-02-2009 09:50:20

did you try 2.6.29-rcx or rt2x0.git


14-02-2009 16:03:23

No, I use the module that comes with the fedora kernel

[code135l91hk]$ uname -r
$ modinfo rt2500usb -F version

That LED problem isn't new I have already noticed it before (~ 1 year ago)


14-02-2009 16:06:15

Then my previous question remains the same.
There was a bugreport about LEDS on the Fedora bugzilla, and that one has been closed since the issue was fixed with the latest kernel from Fedora. See https//bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=437391 for reference.


14-02-2009 16:21:48

OK, thank you, I'll wait for the new kernel then...
I'll post later to tell if it works...