How do I remove default SSID, WICD, rt2870sta

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18-02-2009 20:15:03

I would like to remove the default SSID from RT2870STA.dat file.

I have compiled and installed the 2008_0925_RT2870_Linux_STA_v1.4.0.0. The installation instructions require that I configure the RT2870STA.dat file in /etc/Wireless/RT2870STA/ and give it a default SSID.

I am using WICD for managing my networks and the driver insists on trying to connect to the SSID in the dat file even if WICD has a different default SSID. As a consequence it takes at least a minute to connect to the desired network.

If I remove the dat file completely (or comment out the default SSID setting) this causes the card to try and connect to " " ( a null network).

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18-02-2009 21:53:32



18-02-2009 22:55:49

I understand that this isn't a rt2x00 topic, but I couldn't find a forum that deals with my specific driver so I took a shot here. If you could point me to a better forum/mailing list I would appreciate it.

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19-02-2009 08:10:10

As said in the topic I referred to If you are using a driver not downloaded from this website, then your support requests should go to the website where you did download the drivers.