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04-03-2009 16:48:35


I'm trying to make a WLAN-Accesspoint out of my old barebone and thought you might give a rookie a hand. Preferably it should be WPA2 or WPA protected of course. I've found a few tutorials but nothing I could really use. You are my last try.
I've Ubuntu Hardy installed. Here a bit information on my Card[quote3coqawv6][b3coqawv6]tyro@serv~$ lspci -nn | grep Network[/b3coqawv6]
0204.0 Network controller [0280] RaLink RT2561/RT61 802.11g PCI [18140301]
[b3coqawv6]tyro@serv~$ lsmod | grep rt61[/b3coqawv6]
rt61pci 27776 0
crc_itu_t 10112 1 rt61pci
rt2x00pci 15104 1 rt61pci
rt2x00lib 36224 2 rt61pci,rt2x00pci
eeprom_93cx6 10240 1 rt61pci
[b3coqawv6]tyro@serv~$ modinfo rt61pci[/b3coqawv6]
filename /lib/modules/2.6.27-11-generic/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/rt2x00/rt61pci.ko
license GPL
firmware rt2661.bin
firmware rt2561s.bin
firmware rt2561.bin
description Ralink RT61 PCI & PCMCIA Wireless LAN driver.
version 2.1.8
author http//
srcversion 8F4EE2C062AC0B948F1F3AD
alias pciv00001814d00000401sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias pciv00001814d00000302sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias pciv00001814d00000301sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
depends rt2x00lib,rt2x00pci,eeprom_93cx6,crc-itu-t
vermagic 2.6.27-11-generic SMP mod_unload modversions 586
[b3coqawv6]tyro@serv~$ iwconfig[/b3coqawv6]
lo no wireless extensions.

eth0 no wireless extensions.

wmaster0 no wireless extensions.

wlan0 IEEE 802.11bg ESSID""
ModeManaged Frequency2.412 GHz Access Point Not-Associated
Tx-Power=0 dBm
Retry min limit7 RTS throff Fragment thr=2352 B
Power Managementoff
Link Quality0 Signal level0 Noise level0
Rx invalid nwid0 Rx invalid crypt0 Rx invalid frag0
Tx excessive retries0 Invalid misc0 Missed beacon0

pan0 no wireless extensions.
[b3coqawv6]tyro@serv~$ sudo iwconfig wlan0 mode master[/b3coqawv6]
Error for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06)
SET failed on device wlan0 ; Operation not permitted.
An AP setup is said to be possible with my hardware - at least according to this

I installed hostapd and the bridge-utils. What driver should I tell hostapd to use?

What more do I need to do in order to make an accesspoint out of this? Especially What should my [b3coqawv6]/etc/network/interfaces[/b3coqawv6] look like?

Glad for any help.
- Christoph


04-03-2009 17:41:43

Use search button on this forum to have this problem solved. This question is asked and answered quite often, so at least try searching.
Also the website which you already checked contains some howtos, so again searching will help.


04-03-2009 17:49:07

Well than it should be possible for you to post a link in notime.

I did a search and read the howto on linuxwireless. I found no thread where this problem was solved to my satisfaction. That might be due to my lack if knowledge concerning what to search for exactly. I'm not a full time linux-nerd.


04-03-2009 17:59:50

Here a link viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4926
Obviously you haven't read that, even though the title of the topic is quite clear....


04-03-2009 18:13:19

Look I completely understand your frustration with me. And yes, I am being stupid but you're not the least bit helpfull. If you don't even try to help me along, why bother to post anyways? That's just bad attitude. I'm trying here after all and you are not making a professional impression.

Tell me what to search for. These didn't not work
accesspoint rt61
hostapd rt61
hostapd driver
and permutations.


04-03-2009 18:22:02

I see that you have edited your first post, apparently to add more information (that is not a good way, since it will mean that persons who read the first version of your post don't know about what has been updated).

To answer the hostapd question of your first post you need the nl80211 driver.

As for that whole "search the forum" part How about the keywords which actually returned the error "iwconfig mode master" perhaps supplemented with "error".


04-03-2009 18:30:42

Now thank you, that was more helpful. Will be back with more questions once I tried out, what I found.


05-03-2009 00:44:42

Okay, now I installed the driver "rt61-cvs-2009030414" according to this
https// ... RalinkRT61
And installed hostapd according to this
http// ... mode_Howto

All I get is this[quoteieuhoehq]tyro@oem-desktop~/hostap/hostapd$ sudo ./hostapd hostapd.conf
Configuration file hostapd.conf
ioctl(SIOCGIFINDEX) No such device
hostap driver initialization failed.
rmdir[ctrl_interface] No such file or directory
ELOOP remaining socket sock=4 eloop_data=0x8fc2830 user_data=(nil) handler=0x8071ea0

If i try driver=nl80211 I get this althoug i build hostapd with nl80211[quoteieuhoehq]sudo ./hostapd hostapd.conf
Configuration file hostapd.conf
nl80211 not found.
nl80211 driver initialization failed.
rmdir[ctrl_interface] No such file or directory

Any suggestions?


05-03-2009 07:57:52

Well as expained in the FAQ and multiple other locations, the Legacy drivers don't support Master mode. You _must_ use the in-kernel drivers. Check the various topics about hostapd to find the exact kernel versions that are supported.