rt2870 support in rt2x00?

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08-04-2009 12:28:55

I just want to be certain that I understand correctly that the rt2x00 driver present in linux and linux doe _NOT_ support the rt2870 chipset.

I've purchased a TEW-644ub USB based device and would like to use it in a Wireless-N environment or at least at Wireless G levels. I also insist on WPA2 level security.

I've grepped for 'rt2870' in the kernel sources and haven't seen mention of it anywhere.

I've downloaded the rt2870 driver from the Linux support page on Ralink. However, from some of what else I've read, I may need to go to an earlier kernel {2.6.27}.

I run the Gentoo distribution and generally configure my own kernels. However, I've no experience in installing kernel modules from an outside source. Hence, my question. If the rt2x00 driver _does_ support the rt2870, I'd prefer to go that route.


08-04-2009 17:02:19

Please use the search buttons since there are plenty of topics regarding this subject.
Just by glancing over the first couple of topics on this forum


The first one is the most detailed, so you can find everything you want to know in that topic/