rt73 hostap driver on Linux-2.6.23

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10-04-2009 07:51:16

I am working on Linux-2.6.23, implementing the hostap feature with rt73 dongle.
I succeed on Linux-2.6.29.
I saw that the next generation driver of rt73(mac80211 arch) is supported after linux-2.6.24.
rt2x00 driver in 2.6.24 can be compile and run on 2.6.23 easily.
But 2.6.24 does not support AP mode, it complains that "the beacon is broken, fix me"

And until 2.6.26, rt73 began to support AP mode.
But when I compile 2.6.26's rt2x00 driver on 2.6.23, bunch of compiling error comes.

So, I want to ask, is there a AP mode support driver patch for Linux-2.6.23 or older version?
Otherwise, I have to modify 2.6.24's rt2x00 driver, fix the "the beacon is broken, fix me" issue and finally implement the AP mode on 2.6.23.



10-04-2009 18:49:06

Due to continuously API changes by the kernel drivers from a kernel cannot easily compile for a different kernel version.
On linuxwireless.org is the compat wireless package to have the latest rt2x00 drivers for 2.6.24 and above (there are 2 compat packages, 1 of 2.6.24-2.6.26 and the other for 2.6.27 and above).
You can use that as a base to port the driver for earlier kernels, however you might as well just upgrade your kernel...