Stick not detected after Ubuntu mainline kernel upgrade

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17-04-2009 18:33:37

Hello guys,

thank you very much for nice rt2x00 driver.

Today I downloaded ubuntu 9.04 release candiate to test if it works fine with my rt2870usb card (D-Link DWA 140).
I couldn't connect to a network using iwconfig and dmesg was full off debug messages.

So I decided to download & install from the ubuntu mainline kernel archive (http// ... .6.30-rc2/) Kernel 2.6.30-rc2. The kernel config should be the same as for the ubuntu 9.04 rc.

IvD submitted a lot of bugfixes fox kernel 2.6.30-rc1 so I thought it the driver will be more stable.

I plugged in my usb wifi stick (which was detected in 9.04 rc) and it does not come up anymore with the new kernel (iwconfig does not list a ra0 device). I tried to sudo modprobe rt2x00usb but the wifi usb card does not show up.

The last line with dmesg is
usb1-1 configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice

Nothing else happens.

Would it be possible to give me some advise if I may miss something.
Is it possible to test the new driver by downloading a new kernel from the mainline kernel archieve?

I have the Ubuntu running inside VirtualBox.

Many thanks for your help,



17-04-2009 18:35:43

Sorry I forgot to add that the stick was working with 9.04 rc and the NetworkManager.
But it was not very stable.


17-04-2009 19:12:44

See rt2x00 802.11n devices[/url2mpwauqv]
No rt2800 drivers have been released yet, they only exist in the rt2x00.git repository.


17-04-2009 21:35:08

Hi IvD,

thanks for your prompt reply.

If I understand you correctly, I have to clone your git repository and then compile it which is the same as a full kernel compile, is this correct?

I only know a bit of python programing, not C ) When I do a python script ) I test it by running it with the python interpreter. How do you test your drivers?
Do you also recompile everytime the whole kernel when you want to test a new rt2x00 driver version? If so you must spend a lot of time on kernel recompiles?

Is there a better/quicker way for you as the project developer?



18-04-2009 07:55:43

You might find our Git instructions[/urloz7uxqzo] useful.
After the first clone, you will have to compile and install the entire kernel, but when you run a git update, I usually only do 'make' and 'make modules_install' (that is because I have all important things like mac80211 and rt2x00 as modules).
Sometimes you will be lucky and not a lot of files have changed, and sometimes there is a big kernel merge in the update after which a lot has to be recompiled.


22-04-2009 14:20:37

Hi IvD,

thanks for your instructions.

I recompiled the kernel (your git repository as sources) with rt2800usb enabled and can bring the interface up with the new kernel now.
If I do a network scan with iwlist wlan0 scan I get lots of IE UNKNOWN with strange number messages.

The interface looks like it is authenticated after iwconfig wlan0 essid XXXX but I cannot get any data through.
DHCP does not work...

Could it be that I used a wrong / incompatible firmware version?

I loaded the rt2870.bin from Ralink's driver version (the latest)
http// ... .0.tar.bz2

Do you reckon the IE UKNOWN error message could come from a wrong firmware version?

Many thanks,



22-04-2009 17:58:40

The IE unknown warnings can be ignored.
The DHCP failure is a known issue, after association wait ~1 minute before trying DHCP and it should work fine.