Poor quality with a rt2570

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18-04-2009 01:59:52

I've been using the legacy rt2570 driver for quite a bit untill recently. I'm using the 2.6.29 kernel now and it doesn't compile for me. I patched it to compile but it segfaulted as soon as it loaded... Coming here for support I saw to my horror that the legacy driver will no longer be supported. I then realized I should give the rt2x00 driver another shot...

I use a usb stick with a rt2570 chip, with the built in modules for drivers. But unfortuneately I'm getting much less quality use out of it with the new driver. I loose connection quite often. When I am connected my signal strength is often in the 30/100 to 40/100 range, compared to the 80/100 to 90/100 I used to get with the legacy driver. The bit rate is automatically set to 1mb, although I can change it manually.

What am I doing wrong? What can I do differently? Can I provide any extra needed details?

Thanks in advance!


18-04-2009 07:58:09

The difference in link quality can be ignored. rt2x00 uses a somewhat different calculation technique resulting in different results.
The low bitrate is a known issue, the simple workaround is indeed changing the bitrate manually.

Is there anything in 'dmesg' indicating the reason for the deassociation?


21-04-2009 02:18:23

Yeah, actually it says it was deauthenticated for reason "2". What does that mean?