ralink 2770

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25-04-2009 14:31:27


i have bought a wireless usb adapter , brand sweex..http//www.sweex.com/LW313 .. with Ralink RT2770 + RT2720.

and the problem is that i cant use the drivers from ralinktech.com IS_AP_STA_RT2870_D- and the driver does not recognise the usb-adapter. the .inf does not contain sweex information. i the future driver versions of the driver may be possible to include sweex .



25-04-2009 15:30:53

rt2770 is the rt2800usb which has not yet been officially released by this project.


25-04-2009 19:21:46

k thx

my bad then

ps. thx for the fast response

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21-05-2009 15:55:33

For your information
Sweex LW303, RT2870, 177F0302
Sweex LW313, RT2770, 177F0313
Sweex LW153, RT3070, 177F0153

Feel free to update rt2800usb with these ID's. )